Hello and a warm welcome to all those with an open mind and seeking the truth, but no welcome to those seeking confirmation of lying politicians, or agreement with mainstream media lies and/or the ear tickling half-truths and nonsense of shills and dissos e.g. David Icke, Alex Jones and those of their ilk.

I have called my blog “The Deplorable Non-Violent Extremist” because it is so appropriate for our age, and I see it as a direct rebuttal to those criminals who arrogantly think they have a right to lord it over us, boss us around and steal our freedom from us. It is also appropriate, because both terms are the utterances of foolish, dangerous and conceited women who should really be at home cooking, washing, ironing and doing the housework rather than stupidly aspire to hold male positions of power.

The first word (Deplorable) will need no introduction, due to the fact that it was first used by the murdering psychopath, shabbos goy, Hillary Clinton in her staged non-campaign against Donald Trump(stein) and his duped supporters. This word, from her perspective, was meaningless, it didn’t mean a thing, as it was all part of her script for the play called “The 2016 US Election”, that is, pure theatre.

However, the term “Non-Violent Extremist” is most likely not so well known to you, unless you’re British, as it was coined by the equally evil and treacherous Theresa May and David Cameron before her, I believe. This was a term most likely conjured up by their Bolshevik Marxist, civil servant, creeps and cowards that hide in the background in Whitehall. They needed a universal ‘buzz word’ term that would cover anyone or any group(s) that may voice opposition to their evil tyranny, but they fronted it as just refering to alleged Muslim extremists. This was always a lie on their part. Sooner or later it was ALWAYS going to apply to anyone who pointed a finger at the REAL TERRORIST CULPRITS – The Unmentionables!

My blog, therefore, is a blog for the truth and nothing but the truth and if I happen to get something wrong I always stand to be corrected, so welcome input from other truth seekers provided they can prove their case.

Regarding me, I am not important but my message is so I keep my identity private and for good reason, as I am sure you will understand. I have never been keen on the idea of making myself an easy target, as some truthers are want to do. Furthermore, full exposure by some just proves to me that they may not be what they seem to be and, in truth, have nothing to fear from the Stasi “Thought Police” as they are doing a great shill or disso job for their Unmentionable masters or Roman Catholic masters (the Jesuits).