The 12th of June 2017 And My First Post on This Blog

WordPress give advice for the use of this page and I quote: “If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.”

Now the answer to the first part of their advice is quite simple. I started this blog in answer to both the British and the Israeli Government’s affront to my basic intelligence with their clumsy and puerile efforts to deceive the people of Great Britain and Northern Ireland with 1) Three staged and faked so called terrorist events and 2) A so called General Election which, in Truth, was just a deliberate act of treason to sabotage the Brexit.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! As dear Ms May would disingenuously say. (Is that poetry?) And I also say!

I had already made up my mind, before the event, that the election was some kind of second referendum to stop or impede Brexit and would be dressed up as an election and now, four days after the election results have been made known, we can plainly see that that is just what it is and was always meant to be. All this, as already stated, and IMO, achieved through deliberate sabotage on the part of Ms May (on behalf of her Jewish Rothschild masters) and her two dodgy advisors (now sacked or have resigned – take your pick).

As for the second part of their advice re what do I plan to do with this blog, well that’s very simple, I will keep on telling people The Truth and revealing The Truth which is something your government HATES, because The Truth is the enemy of The State!!

As mentioned above there have been three hoax terrorist attacks in Britain and all contrived by the British authorities and Mossad. How do I know it is Mossad? Because ISIS has claimed responsibilty for at least two of these hoaxes and ISIS is Mossad!!

Go here:

And here for the verification:

I will also post some videos to reveal the fakery that was involved in these hoax events:

The Westminster ‘Attack’

The Westminster ‘Attack’ was most definitely a drill which they used in order to con and deceive people.

This video is hilarious and a great version of Hotel California! LOL:

This one is nearly as hilarious:

And then the deadly serious business of a mannequin under a bus! LOL:

The Manchester ‘Attack’

The so called Manchester ‘Attack’ which involved an alleged Muslim suicide bomber with MI6 connections no less, (how handy is that!!??), was even more unconvincing than Westminster. In truth this one was beyond hilarious.

All in all you really couldn’t make this stuff up, but the clowns who are supposed to ‘govern’ us, have done just that THREE TIMES!!

22 people were alleged to have died at the Arena complex in Manchester and yet, here we have two people who didn’t die, for one was already dead and the other still very much alive!

So, if two people are definitely not victims of this alleged attrocity how can we be sure of the other twenty?? Well obviously we can’t.

Manchester was also a drill turned live:

The obligatory Freemason and occult numbers always used in these events:

The London Bridge ‘Attack’

Here in this video we have images of either real muppets changing from uniform into military fatigues or they’re crisis actors playing the part of muppets changing their clothes. Either way, what are they doing changing their clothes on the pavement? (side-walk to American viewers) This has to be very suspicious behaviour to say the least!

More of the same:

Kent Freedom Movement with Jenny and Johnny on the spot!

So there we have it – Three Mossad ISIS faked terror attacks!